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Age of Creation

Date: Unknown

A mythical age when the gods created of Golarion. Most religions of the core gods agree this age culminated with the defeat of Rovagug by an alliance of the gods.

Age of Serpents

Date: Unknown

A mythical age when serpentfolk are said to have ruled the world.

Age of Legend

Date: Unknown

A mythical age when the legendary human empire of Azlant supposedly ruled the world.

Age of Darkness

Date: Ten thousand years ago

The Age of Darkness was a thousand year period in which the sun was blocked by ash knocked into the atmosphere by Earthfall (the Starstone impacting Golarion) in -5293 AR and ending in -4294.

The most widely held belief for this event, is that the Azlant had grown too proud and were punished by the gods.

During this age it is said the orcs emerged from their subterranean homeland fleeing the dwarves who later also took their first footsteps on the surface world.

Age of Anguish

Date: Nine thousand years ago

The Age of Anguish was a roughly eight hundred year period originating some nine thousand years ago when the skies finally cleared of the dust from the Earthfall. This age is characterized by the conflicts of primitive peoples in a desperate struggle for survival and domination in a world left shattered by the Age of Darkness. The end of the Age of Anguish was marked by the founding of the Osirion civilization around eight thousand years ago.

Age of Destiny

Date: Eight thousand years ago

The Age of Destiny began roughly eight thousand years ago with the founding of the Osiriani civilization and spanned three and half millennia until the founding of the great city of Absalom. The rise and fall of Osirion was witnessed at the early period of the Age of Destiny, though many other civilizations were to rise after Osirion fell into decline. Notable mentions include the founding of Taldor by the descendants of lost Azlant and of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

Age of Enthronement

Date: 1 AR

The Age of Enthronement began with the founding of Absalom and it's inception is also the starting point for the Absalom Reckoning dating system. The Age of Enthronement spans the years from 1 AR until 4606 AR when Aroden, the god of humanity, died.

This age is characterised by the emergence of a number of gods who ascend to divinity through the Test of the Starstone. Gods to survive the test are Aroden in 1 AR, Norgorber in 1983, Cayden Cailean in 2765 and Iomedae in 3832.

The nations of Andoran and Cheliax were founded as expansions from the kingdom of Taldor. The Oath Wars raged across northwest Garund between 2498 AR and 2560 as the churches of Nethys, Norgorber and Sarenrae vied for dominance. The Whispering Tyrant arose in 3203 AR invoking the Shining Crusade in 3754 AR which fought for three quarters of a century and ended with the founding of Lastwall to defend against the return of the lich king. In 4305 AR Cheliax began an extended period of expansion annexing lands in Molthune and Varisia which would become known as the Everwar.

Age of Lost Omens

Date: 4606 AR

Golarion enters the Age of Lost Omens, beginning in 4606 AR with the death of the god Aroden.

Aroden himself had prophesied thousands of years ago that he would return on the cusp of mankind's greatest triumph. An important prophecy known as the Starfall Doctrine suggested that he was to manifest in Cheliax in 4606 AR, marking the beginning of the long-awaited Age of Glory. His priests and followers calculated the supposed exact time of this event and prepared for it with lavish pomp.

On the prophesied date, instead of his return all contact with Aroden was lost, the Eye of Abendego formed off the northwest cost of Garund, the Worldwound opened in the north, consuming the kingdom of Sarkois, and storms wracked the Inner Sea region for months.

Since then no major prophecy has come true.

Age of Ascension

Present 4722 AR

While the prophesied Age of Glory still has not come to pass, after the blossoming of the Vault Seed beneath Kaer Maga, whipsers of Aroden's power have return to Golarion for the first time in over a hundred years ending the Age of Lost Omens and ushering in the Age of Ascension.

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