Session 034

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Scene 01:

Starday, 27th of Pharast

The Harbingers descend beneath the God Claw chruch of law. The are able to defeat a pit fiend guarding powerful relics by solving a riddle left behind by their former lives. The power of the relics banishes all the devils and the Chelish army is defeated.

Scene 02:

Sunday, 28th of Pharast to Starday, 3rd of Gozran

Harbingers rest at the God Claw citadel then march back to the Harbinger Fortress. The child Aroden tells them that they will find learn their plans in Osirion, recover their weapon in the Mana Wastes and in Gallowspire the final battle will begin.

The Harbingers make preparations to enter the waygate to the Mana Wastes to recover the Harbinger of Deception's powers and the weapon they left behind for themselves.



  • 16,000 xp each

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