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Region: Cheliax
Population: 1,500

The city of Longacre in central Cheliax stands on the Fields of Chelam near the western edge of Whisperwood. It serves two primary purposes: First, Longacre serves as a market for the many surrounding rural communities, shipping goods down the Isled river. Secondly, Longacre and the surrounding area is used for logging, shipping timber down the Isled, east to Laekastel and Ostenso for the Chelaxian imperial navy.


Longacre is part of the lands of House Charthagnion. It is overseen by Lord Pavius Charthagnion, one of the many younger brothers to the patriarch of the House.

Like most larger communities in Cheliax, the Hellknights have long provided a small presence in Longacre, serving as law keepers. Until recently, the Hellknight Sir Lucius Adrian of the Order of the God Claw served to keep the peace. However, he has recently been branded a traitor of the realm and has gone into hiding. The elder Hellknight Sir Domitan Gius of the Order of the Pyre, has been sent from the Pyre's headquarters in Ostenso, to both bring Sir Lucius to justice and insure the timber supplies for the imperial navy are not threatened.


The following settlements are smaller villages, around the outskirts of Longacre:

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